Stock B6.Cg-Mrc2<tm1Cmi>Tg(CAG-EGFP)1Osb/CmiH

FESA Number


Strain Name


Mutation Strain Type


Gene/Allele Information

Allele Name Allele MGI ID Gene Name Gene MGI ID Chromosome
Tg(CAG-EGFP)1Osb MGI:2686773 15
Mrc2<tm1Cmi> MGI:3722867 Mrc2 MGI:107818 11

Phenotypic Description

Homozygous transgenic mice are viable, fertile, normal in size, and do not display any gross physical or behavioral abnormalities. All of the tissues, with the exception of erythrocytes and hair, appear green under excitation light.


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Pubmed ID Authors Title Journal
24150243 Iwata A Th2-type inflammation instructs inflammatory dendritic cells to induce airway hyperreactivity. Int Immunol (2 014) 26:103-14
20160346 Lasater EA Genetic and cellular evidence of vascular inflammation in neurofibromin-deficient mice and humans. J Clin Invest (2 010) 120:859-70
23332746 Masaki T Reprogramming adult Schwann cells to stem cell-like cells by leprosy bacilli promotes dissemination of infection. Cell (2 013) 152:51-67
18957871 Nur R Implantation of dedifferentiated fat cells ameliorates habu snake venom-induced chronic renal dysfunction in tenascin-C-deficient mice. Nephron Exp Nephrol (2 008) 110:e91-8
24269873 Purkartova Z Morphological analysis of embryonic cerebellar grafts in SCA2 mice. Neurosci Lett (2 014) 558:154-8
24381199 Steinecke A EphA/ephrin A reverse signaling promotes the migration of cortical interneurons from the medial ganglionic eminence. Development (2 014) 141:460-71
17116327 Vernochet C Bi-directional cell trafficking between mother and fetus in mouse placenta. Placenta (2 007) 28:639-49
21359148 Yan A Mechanisms of lymphatic regeneration after tissue transfer. PLoS One (2 011) 6:e17201
16436667 Anghelina M Monocytes/macrophages cooperate with progenitor cells during neovascularization and tissue repair: conversion of cell columns into fibrovascular bundles. Am J Pathol (2 006) 168:529-41
17911102 Carlson EC Keratocan and lumican regulate neutrophil infiltration and corneal clarity in lipopolysaccharide-induced keratitis by direct interaction with CXCL1. J Biol Chem (2 007) 282:35502-9





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