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histocompatibility 13



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5 338 633 Histocompatibility genes of mice. VI. Allografts in mice congenic at various non-H-2 histocompatibility loci. Graff RJ, Hildemann WH, Snell GD Transplantation. 1966 Jul;4(4):425-37
5 340 356 Histocompatibility genes of mice. VII. H-13, a new histocompatibility locus in the fifth linkage group. Snell GD, Cudkowicz G, Bunker HP Transplantation. 1967 May;5(3):492-503
6 034 501 Metabolic and endocrine differences between the mutation whirler and normal female mice. Sackler AM, Weltman AS The Journal of experimental zoology. 1967 Mar;164(2):133-40
4 390 514 Histocompatibility antigens on mouse spermatozoa. Vojtísková M, Polácková M, Pokorná Z Folia biologica. 1969;15(5):322-32
4 930 569 Differential immunofluorescence of fertilized mouse eggs with H-2 and non-H-2 antibody. Palm J, Heyner S, Brinster RL The Journal of experimental medicine. 1971 Jun 1;133(6):1282-93
4 937 889 Detection of weak histocompatibility antigens on mouse peritoneal macrophages. De Angelis WJ, Haughton G Transplantation proceedings. 1971 Mar;3(1):202-6
4 130 130 The non-H-2 histocompatibility loci and their antigens. Graff RJ, Bailey DW Transplantation reviews. 1973;15:26-49
3 301 647 Multiplicity of chromosome 2 histocompatibility genes: new loci, H-44 and H-45. Graff RJ, Martin-Morgan D, Kurtz ME Immunogenetics. 1987;26(1-2):111-4
1 999 355 Additional mapping of mouse chromosome 2 genes. Graff RJ, Kurtz ME, Paul R, Martin D, Roopenian DC Immunogenetics. 1991;33(2):96-100
7 514 566 Gene mapping in a murine cell line by immunoselection with cytotoxic T lymphocytes. Zuberi AR, Dudley ME, Christianson GJ, Roopenian DC Genomics. 1994 Jan 15;19(2):273-9