Stock t<hr1>

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Strain Name


Mutation Strain Type


Mother Genotype


Father Genotype

T tf/t<hr1> + & t<hr1> +/+ tf

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Gene/Allele Information

Allele Name Allele MGI ID Gene Name Gene MGI ID Chromosome Is Background
t<hr1> MGI:5465004 t MGI:105076 17

Phenotypic Description

t-Harwell-recombinant 1. Arose by recombination from a T t<h18> +/+ t<w18> tf female mated to a + + tf/+ + tf male. Recombinant haplotype shown to carry the t<6> lethality locus, but not the t<w18> lethality locus. In crosses of T+/t<hr1> tf males to +tf/+tf females, t<hr1> was shown to be transmitted to over 90% of the offspring. t<hr1> carries the t<w5> responder (with only the distal region of t<6> origin) and gave a transmission ratio of 35-40% with t<lowH> (see Lyon & Zenthon (1987) Genet Res Camb 50, 29-34 & Lyon (1990) Genet Res Camb 55, 13-19). T+/+t<hr1> mice are tailless.


Displaying 1 - 2 of 2 Stock Publications
Pubmed ID Authors Title Journal
2318411 Lyon MF Search for differences among t haplotypes in distorter and responder genes. Genet Res (1 990) 55:13-9
3653686 Lyon MF Differences in or near the responder region of complete and partial mouse t-haplotypes. Genet Res (1 987) 50:29-34


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Breeding Notes

To maintain the stock, mate +tf/t<hr1>+ to Ttf/+tf and select offspring that are neither tufted nor T (N.B. tufted is classified after weaning, T slightly shortens the tail and gives it a blunt appearance). The selected offspring will be +tf/t<hr1>+ and should again be mated to Ttf/+tf. At each generation, if the +tf/t<hr1>+ parent is female approximately 25% off the offspring should be tailless (Ttf/t<hr1>+). If the reciprocal is set up, due to segregation distortion, very few tufted offspring will be produced.

Homozygous Mice Viable

Homozygous Mice Fertile