Stock STOCK Epo<Tg(SV40T/Epo)134.3LCPjr>/H

FESA Number


Strain Name

STOCK Epo<Tg(SV40T/Epo)134.3LCPjr>/H

Mutation Strain Type

Mutation Type Mutation Subtype Strain Type
IMSR - Transgenic IMSR - mutant stock


Institution name Depositor / Originator Name
Unknown Institution Originator Retained
Unknown Institution Depositor Retained

Gene/Allele Information

Allele Name Allele MGI ID Gene Name Gene MGI ID Chromosome
Epo<Tg(SV40T/Epo)134.3LCPjr> MGI:3767166 5

Phenotypic Description

Homozygotes have incomplete epo deficiency and are anaemic.


Displaying 1 - 9 of 9 Stock Publications
Pubmed ID Authors Title Journal
18188450 Angelillo-Scherrer A Role of Gas6 in erythropoiesis and anemia in mice. J Clin Invest (2 008) 118:583-96
12239150 Binley K Long-term reversal of chronic anemia using a hypoxia-regulated erythropoietin gene therapy. Blood (2 002) 100:2406-13
16445835 Du Roure C Correction of severe anaemia using immuno-regulated gene therapy is achieved by restoring the early erythroblast compartment. Br J Haematol (2 006) 132:608-14
19109375 El Hasnaoui-Saadani R Cerebral adaptations to chronic anemia in a model of erythropoietin-deficient mice exposed to hypoxia. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol (2 009) 296:R801-11
21816364 Hoch M Erythropoietin preserves the endothelial differentiation capacity of cardiac progenitor cells and reduces heart failure during anticancer therapies. Cell Stem Cell (2 011) 9:131-43
16330260 Macarlup├║ JL Time course of ventilatory acclimatisation to hypoxia in a model of anemic transgenic mice. Respir Physiol Neurobiol (2 006) 153:14-22
15878311 Macarlup├║ JL Characterisation of the ventilatory response to hypoxia in a model of transgenic anemic mice. Respir Physiol Neurobiol (2 006) 150:19-26
8264149 Maxwell PH Identification of the renal erythropoietin-producing cells using transgenic mice. Kidney Int (1 993) 44:1149-62
22342523 Mowat FM Endogenous erythropoietin protects neuroretinal function in ischemic retinopathy. Am J Pathol (2 012) 180:1726-39




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