Stock STOCK Bmp7<tm1Rob>/H

FESA Number


Strain Name

STOCK Bmp7<tm1Rob>/H

Mutation Strain Type

Mutation Type Mutation Subtype Strain Type
IMSR - Targeted mutation IMSR - mutant stock


Institution name Depositor / Originator Name
University of Oxford Originator Retained
University of Oxford Depositor Retained

Gene/Allele Information

Allele Name Allele MGI ID Gene Name Gene MGI ID Chromosome
Bmp7<tm1Rob> MGI:1857654 Bmp7 MGI:103302 2

Phenotypic Description

This strain is a null allele of BMP7 generated by replacing the BMP7 coding sequence by a neomycin cassette. BMP7 is required in the metanephric mesenchyme of the developing kidney to support maintenance of this cell population during organogenesis. Homozygous lethal at birth due to kidney agenesis.


Displaying 1 - 10 of 19 Stock Publications
Pubmed ID Authors Title Journal
11470817 Arteaga-Solis E Regulation of limb patterning by extracellular microfibrils. J Cell Biol (2 001) 154:275-81
10631182 Yi SE The type I BMP receptor BMPRIB is required for chondrogenesis in the mouse limb. Development (2 000) 127:621-30
17194222 Bandyopadhyay A Genetic analysis of the roles of BMP2, BMP4, and BMP7 in limb patterning and skeletogenesis. PLoS Genet (2 006) 2:e216
15843411 Zakin L Sirenomelia in Bmp7 and Tsg compound mutant mice: requirement for Bmp signaling in the development of ventral posterior mesoderm. Development (2 005) 132:2489-99
19793891 Blank U BMP7 promotes proliferation of nephron progenitor cells via a JNK-dependent mechanism. Development (2 009) 136:3557-66
11784057 Zhao GQ Mutation in Bmp7 exacerbates the phenotype of Bmp8a mutants in spermatogenesis and epididymis. Dev Biol (2 001) 240:212-22
15280212 Dean C Bmp7 regulates branching morphogenesis of the lacrimal gland by promoting mesenchymal proliferation and condensation. Development (2 004) 131:4155-65
17140559 Donner AL Sox2 and Pou2f1 interact to control lens and olfactory placode development. Dev Biol (2 007) 303:784-99
9056639 Dudley AT Overlapping expression domains of bone morphogenetic protein family members potentially account for limited tissue defects in BMP7 deficient embryos. Dev Dyn (1 997) 208:349-62
10385628 Dudley AT Interaction between FGF and BMP signaling pathways regulates development of metanephric mesenchyme. Genes Dev (1 999) 13:1601-13





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