Stock B6.Cg-Tyr<c-Brd> Mir155<tm1.1Brd>/H

FESA Number


Strain Name

B6.Cg-Tyr<c-Brd> Mir155<tm1.1Brd>/H

Mutation Strain Type


Gene/Allele Information

Allele Name Allele MGI ID Gene Name Gene MGI ID Chromosome
Mir155<tm1.1Brd> MGI:3709881 Mir155 MGI:2676840 16
Tyr<c-Brd> MGI:3640303 Tyr MGI:98880 7

Phenotypic Description

No visible phenotype is associated with this mutation but the mice do exhibit reduced lung airway remodelling & deficient B-cell, T-cell & dendritic cell function. This mutation is on a C57BL/6<c-/c-> background and is albino in appearance. The BIC mice (EMMA ID EM:02231) have been backcrossed at least 5 times to C57BL/6, thus making them suitable for bone marrow transplantation, without rejection, to any C57BL/6 mice, regardless of coat color.

Orphanet Disorders

OrphaNet ID Name Url
352 734 Minimal pigment oculocutaneous albinism type 1
352 737 Temperature-sensitive oculocutaneous albinism type 1
352 740 Ocular albinism with congenital sensorineural deafness
79 434 Oculocutaneous albinism type 1B
79 431 Oculocutaneous albinism type 1A


Displaying 21 - 30 of 30 Stock Publications
Pubmed ID Authors Title Journal
20888269 O'Connell RM MicroRNA-155 promotes autoimmune inflammation by enhancing inflammatory T cell development. Immunity (2 010) 33:607-19
17024248 Walz K Rai1 duplication causes physical and behavioral phenotypes in a mouse model of dup(17)(p11.2p11.2). J Clin Invest (2 006) 116:3035-41
19359473 O'Connell RM Inositol phosphatase SHIP1 is a primary target of miR-155. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2 009) 106:7113-8
19456252 Whitlock NA Decreased intraocular pressure in mice following either pharmacological or genetic inhibition of ROCK. J Ocul Pharmacol Ther (2 009) 25:187-94
22408260 Ranganathan P Regulation of acute graft-versus-host disease by microRNA-155. Blood (2 012) 119:4786-97
20130004 Yu YE Lgi1 null mutant mice exhibit myoclonic seizures and CA1 neuronal hyperexcitability. Hum Mol Genet (2 010) 19:1702-11
17463290 Rodriguez A Requirement of bic/microRNA-155 for normal immune function. Science (2 007) 316:608-11
10325425 Zheng B A system for rapid generation of coat color-tagged knockouts and defined chromosomal rearrangements in mice. Nucleic Acids Res (1 999) 27:2354-60
24319262 Su W The p53 transcription factor modulates microglia behavior through microRNA-dependent regulation of c-Maf. J Immunol (2 014) 192:358-66
22378844 Trotta R miR-155 regulates IFN-? production in natural killer cells. Blood (2 012) 119:3478-85


Orphanet Categories

Inborn errors of metabolism
Rare skin disease
Rare eye disease




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