Stock B6.Cg-Tg(ACTFLPe)9205Dym/H

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Gene/Allele Information

Allele Name Allele MGI ID Gene Name Gene MGI ID Chromosome
Tg(ACTFLPe)9205Dym MGI:2448985

Phenotypic Description

No overt phenotype.


Displaying 61 - 70 of 592 Stock Publications
Pubmed ID Authors Title Journal
23229899 Nakatsu F PtdIns4P synthesis by PI4KIII? at the plasma membrane and its impact on plasma membrane identity. J Cell Biol (2 012) 199:1003-16
23715096 Ottenheijm CA Deleting exon 55 from the nebulin gene induces severe muscle weakness in a mouse model for nemaline myopathy. Brain (2 013) 136:1718-31
15579506 Piontek KB A functional floxed allele of Pkd1 that can be conditionally inactivated in vivo. J Am Soc Nephrol (2 004) 15:3035-43
22697126 Ratajczak CK Generation of myometrium-specific Bmal1 knockout mice for parturition analysis. Reprod Fertil Dev (2 012) 24:759-67
24995986 Rothwell PE Autism-associated neuroligin-3 mutations commonly impair striatal circuits to boost repetitive behaviors. Cell (2 014) 158:198-212
20005824 Schaefer A Control of cognition and adaptive behavior by the GLP/G9a epigenetic suppressor complex. Neuron (2 009) 64:678-91
22246438 Shinohara R A role for mDia, a Rho-regulated actin nucleator, in tangential migration of interneuron precursors. Nat Neurosci (2 012) 15:373-80, S1-2
24703698 Song WJ Glucagon regulates hepatic kisspeptin to impair insulin secretion. Cell Metab (2 014) 19:667-81
18436203 Suzuki H Nanos3 maintains the germ cell lineage in the mouse by suppressing both Bax-dependent and -independent apoptotic pathways. Dev Biol (2 008) 318:133-42
23267101 Tong MH Retinol dehydrogenase 10 is indispensible for spermatogenesis in juvenile males. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A (2 013) 110:543-8




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