Stock 129.Cg-Pax6<Sey> Tg(Hbb-b1)83Clo/WsH

FESA Number


Strain Name

129.Cg-Pax6<Sey> Tg(Hbb-b1)83Clo/WsH

Mutation Strain Type

Mutation Type Mutation Subtype Strain Type
IMSR - Transgenic IMSR - unclassified


Institution name Depositor / Originator Name
University of Edinburgh Originator Retained
University of Edinburgh Depositor Retained

Gene/Allele Information

Allele Name Allele MGI ID Gene Name Gene MGI ID Chromosome
Pax6<Sey> MGI:1856155 Pax6 MGI:97490 2
Tg(Hbb-b1)83Clo MGI:2655271 3

Phenotypic Description

Reiterated transgene is detectable by DNA in situ hybridisation.


Displaying 1 - 10 of 141 Stock Publications
Pubmed ID Authors Title Journal
22031545 Asami M The role of Pax6 in regulating the orientation and mode of cell division of progenitors in the mouse cerebral cortex. Development (2 011) 138:5067-78
15037575 Collinson JM Corneal development, limbal stem cell function, and corneal epithelial cell migration in the Pax6(+/-) mouse. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci (2 004) 45:1101-8
16766714 Fuccillo M Removal of Pax6 partially rescues the loss of ventral structures in Shh null mice. Cereb Cortex (2 006) 16 Suppl 1:i96-102
16122727 Heller RS Genetic determinants of pancreatic epsilon-cell development. Dev Biol (2 005) 286:217-24
16950124 Lei Q Wnt signaling inhibitors regulate the transcriptional response to morphogenetic Shh-Gli signaling in the neural tube. Dev Cell (2 006) 11:325-37
15733660 Philips GT Precocious retinal neurons: Pax6 controls timing of differentiation and determination of cell type. Dev Biol (2 005) 279:308-21
15229646 Schuurmans C Sequential phases of cortical specification involve Neurogenin-dependent and -independent pathways. EMBO J (2 004) 23:2892-902
1612585 Ton CC Small eye (Sey): cloning and characterization of the murine homolog of the human aniridia gene. Genomics (1 992) 13:251-6
15238450 Zimmer C Dynamics of Cux2 expression suggests that an early pool of SVZ precursors is fated to become upper cortical layer neurons. Cereb Cortex (2 004) 14:1408-20
22265416 Balaskas N Gene regulatory logic for reading the Sonic Hedgehog signaling gradient in the vertebrate neural tube. Cell (2 012) 148:273-84


Orphanet Categories

Rare developmental defect during embryogenesis
Rare urogenital disease
Rare renal disease
Rare eye disease
Rare endocrine disease
Rare oncologic disease
Rare gynecologic or obstetric disease
Rare neurologic disease




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