What data does MouseBook hold?

MouseBook contains a catalog of the ENU-induced mutant mouse stocks available to order from MRC Harwell. These mutant mice often have age-related phenotypes and the MouseBook database provides further information about the mutation incuding descriptions of observed phenotypes, the results of phenotyping procedures performed at various stages of the mouse's life, disease information (including possible human-related diseases) and the source and nature of the genetic abarration. MouseBook also allows you to find stocks by phenotype, ontology term and by gene name.

The database also holds a list of discovered mouse imprinting genes and their locus on each chromosome.

How do I search MouseBook?

You can browse the items in the database by visiting each Catalog page individually. MouseBook Catalogs pages can be accessed from the main navigation menu. Most of the catalog pages have a filterable search interface to help you find what you are specifically looking for.

The contents of MouseBook can be searched altogether by clicking the Search button in the main navigation menu and entering some keywords to search for. You can look for items in the database by searching gene names, phenotypes, ontology terms and Ids (such as MGI and MP Ids). Results have facet filtering so you can choose what content types to display in the results. Result listings are color-coded and have icons indicating their type so you can quickly tell what type of item it is.

How do I order stock?

Stocks can be ordered by clicking the Contact us button found on the Stock and SNV pages. Clicking the button takes you to a contact form where you can get in touch with the the MRC Harwell FESA (Frozen Embryo and Sperm Archive) team who will be happy to help you. Please include information about which research institute you belong to, supervisor(s), research intentions and your specific requirements.

How do I browse the imprinting gene list?

Imprinting Gene information can be accessed by clicking Imprinting Resource from MouseBook Catalogs in the main navigation menu. You can browse the imprinting gene catalog by chromosome, chromosome region and by looking through a filterable list of identified imprinting genes.

The first page displayed allows you to find imprinting genes by selecting the chromosomes. Clicking the thumbnail image of the chromosome will take you to a page with the enlarged image and the gene name labels can be clicked taking you to the individual Imprinting Gene page which provides further information.

The next page accessible from the menu is the Imprinting Loci page and lists all the imprinting genes in MouseBook.

The Imprinting Regions page lists all the Imprinting genes that can be found in different regions of chromosomes.