Title Phenotype Contact
STOCK Rvm/H Retinal vascular abnormalities. Contact
STOCK Rwhs/H Retinal white spots. In heterozygotes, white spots appear on the retina from one month of age. They do not seem to reduce vision. Contact
STOCK Smad2<tm3Rob>/H None. Contact
STOCK Smad2<tm5(SMAD2)Rob>/H Embryonic lethal at day 8.5 dpc. Contact
STOCK Smad2<tm6(SMAD2)Rob>/H Homozygous lethal at day 8.5. Contact
STOCK Smad9<tm1Rob>/H None Contact
STOCK Smad9<tm2Rob>/H None Contact
STOCK Smad<tm4(SMADH3)Rob>/H Approx 50% of homozygotes are embryonic lethal at 15d, remainder are viable as adults. Contact
STOCK Smg6<Tg(SMN1*delta5)1Pks>/H None. Contact
STOCK Sox4<m91Ark> Foxq1<sa>/+ +/H Embryonic lethal - fully penetrant. Dies approximately 14.5 dpc of heart defect. Contact
STOCK Srrm4<bv>/WtsiH Bronx Waltzer. Contact
STOCK T(2;8)2Wa/H Contact
STOCK T(7;19)145H/H Male sterile. Contact
STOCK T<21H>/H Effects like brachyury Contact
STOCK Ta<43H>/H x C3H101HF1 Striped coat in hemizygous females and males carrying the mutation. Mice carrying the mutation may also exhibit reduced eyelid opening, fewer vibrissae and defects of teeth and exocrine glands. Homozygous females are often sterile. Contact
STOCK Tecta<tm3.1Gpr> In Tecta<tm3.1Gpr>/<tm3.1Gpr> homozygotes, the tectorial membrane has a "hump-backed" cross-sectional profile, a much reduced limbal attachment zone and the disruption of the marginal band is exacerbated relative to heterozygotes. High levels of Tecta are detected by immunofluorescence in the tectorial membrane. Mice are susceptible to audiogenic seizures at low sound pressure levels (<84 dB SPL) so should not be exposed to unnecessary noise. Mice have susceptibility to audiogenic seizure at low sound pressure level. Contact
STOCK Tg(ACTA1-Utrn)3Ked Dmd<mdx>/H Contact
STOCK Tg(BCL2)36Wehi Tg(Igh2<k>3-83)1Nemz Plcg2<tm1Jni>/H B cell dysfunction. Homozygotes are infertile. Contact
STOCK Tg(Col2a1-cre)1Bhr/H No overt phenotype. Contact
STOCK Tg(Igf2/LacZ,H19)YZ15Aco/AcoH Investigating how expression of Igf2 and H19 are regulated is of relevance to understanding Beckwith Weidemann syndrome. The physiological impact of over expressing H19 is not fully characterised. Unlike low copy number lines, the Igf2 LacZ gene does not show appropriate reciprocal imprinting in YZ15 mice as it is expressed from both parental alleles. Contact