Title Phenotype Contact
Hbs1l tm1a(KOMP)Wtsi EPD0693_2_A02 Phenotyping data available from <a href=http://www.mousephenotype.org/>mousephenotype.org</a>. Contact
HCN1-DEL1258-EM2-B6N Contact
HSP27 WT High Copy Line No phenotype in transgenic carriers. Contact
HSP27 WT Low Copy Line No phenotype in transgenic carriers. Contact
HSP27 WT PrP Promoter Line No phenotype in transgenic carriers Contact
Khdrbs3 conditional line These mice do not express T-STAR protein by Western blotting Contact
Lo Moe None. Contact
LRIG 3 (KOL3) Unknown. Contact
LV5 transgenic No overt phenotype. Contact
M1073B Embryonic lethal. Contact
M1185B Embryonic lethal Contact
M1239B Embryonically lethal Contact
M1616B Embryonic lethal. Contact
M1645B Embryonic lethal. Contact
M241B Embryonic lethal - not fully penetrant. Forebrain truncation abnormality. Contact
M369B Embryonic lethal Contact
M624B Embryonic lethal Contact
M876B Embryonic lethal in a Mut sa/++ (heterozygous) intercross. Line is not an embryonic lethal when crossed to the Del36H deletion. Contact
Math1-Bmi1 (Cross 2) Contact
Nbr1<D50R> Point mutation disrupts Nbr1-p62 PB1 mediated protein interaction. Phenotype of altered bone remodelling- increased osteoclast differentiation, and resulting early osteoporotic phenotype. Contact