Title Phenotype Contact
B6;129-Sync<tm1.1Ked>/H No overt phenotype, loss of large calibre motor neurons. Contact
B6;129P2-Adamts1<tm1Dgen>/H No overt phenotype reported, however, kidneys seen to be enlarged and fluid-filled in 49 day homozygous mutant females and males. Weight and/or organ weight/body weight ratio increased in 49 day homozygous mutant females and males. Kidney also discoloured in 49 day homozygous mutant male. Histopathology : kidney pelvis dilated, bilateral, 49 day homozygous females and males; unilateral, 49 day homozygous female. Cortex atrophic, 49 day homozygous females and males. MGI states that mice homozygous for targeted mutations at the Adamts1 locus that inactivate the gene display "growth retardation with adipose tissue malformation, impaired female fertility, enlarged renal calices and abnormal adrenal medullary architecture". However, impaired female fertility has not been reported in Adamts1<tm1Dgen> homozygous females. Contact
B6;129P2-Adamts2<tm1Dgen>/H No overt phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Adcyap1r1<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Adgrg1<tm1Dgen>/H Homozygotes exhibit increased locomotor speed and response to hot plate, they also have abnormal cerellar cortex morphology. Contact
B6;129P2-Adgrl2<tm1Dgen>/H Heterozygotes exhibit hypoactivity. Homozygotes die at circa 15.5 dpc. Contact
B6;129P2-Adgrl4<tm1Dgen>/H None. Contact
B6;129P2-Capn1<tm1Dgen>/H No overt phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Chd4<tm1.1Bh>/H Both heterozygotes and homozygotes for the floxed allele display no visible phenotype. Heterozygotes for the deleted allele also show no overt phenotype. Homozygotes for the deleted allele die at 3.5 dpc through a failure to develop a trophectoderm and a consequent inability to implant. This strain provides insights into how Chd4 facilitates the first lineage decision making in mammalian embryogenesis. Contact
B6;129P2-Cxcr1<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Esr2<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Galr2<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Grm1<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Grm4<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Grm5<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Grm8<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Kcnj15<tm1Dgen>/H Kir4.2 potassium channel knockout. Contact
B6;129P2-Mc2r<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Mc2r<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact
B6;129P2-Npy6r<tm1Dgen>/H No visible phenotype. Contact